The Benefits of Strength Training

Whether looking to lose weight, stay fit, or find a healthier way to live, people everywhere are finding out that regular exercise should include strength training in addition to aerobic activity and a diet rich in egg protein and chicken breast protein powder. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that adults exercise between one and two hours a week depending on intensity level, but they also recommend twice-weekly strength-building activities that work all the major muscle groups.

Some will ask what strength training has to do with staying healthy. Is there actual scientific support out there to suggest the importance of lifting or other strength-based activities? How exactly does strength training benefit adults and contribute to healthy bodies?

To answer these questions, we must first address some common myths about strength training.

Myth: Cardio Activity is Enough

It is true that doing cardio with the use of exercise equipment is an important part of fitness levels, but cardio alone is not optimal. The truth is that lifting weights is important for all adults, not just those who want to be body builders. This is why the CDC recommends adults engage in strength training at least two times a week.

Cardio and Strength-Training are Necessary

Here are the facts. Research shows that inactive adults lose bone density, and strength training can slow or even reverse this loss. These same studies also show that lifting weights can increase metabolism and decrease fatty tissue. Resistance programs have additionally been shown to have positive benefits for heart health, to ease lower back pain, to aid in disease prevention and to improve cognitive abilities.

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Treadmill Buying Guide for 2016

This article will help you to become familiar with how to buy a treadmill. It will discuss treadmill buying tips such as what to look for when purchasing one; where to find a treadmill and the best type for your budget level.

How do you make up your mind to buy a treadmill?

The experts say that you should not become too overwhelmed with the buying process. Businesses compete so the prices will vary. Here are tips that you can follow that will guide you on the right path.

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Elliptical Buying Guide for 2016

Ellipticals are one of the most familiar sights at any fitness center. You can also buy a variety of models for home use. There are many advantages to using elliptical machines. They provide both an upper and lower body workout. You can make the workouts as easy or challenging as you want, making them appropriate for all fitness levels. They also come in a variety of price ranges. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the main things to consider when buying an elliptical machine. Then we’ll recommend a few good choices to fit every budget.

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Best Bike Trails in Kansas City

Kansas City sits right on the border of Missouri and Kansas, and it is the anchor for a 14 county metropolitan area with a combined population of nearly 2.2 million. The rolling hills of Missouri and Kansas plains make for a beautiful assortment of biking trails that can be found in this area, many of which have the Missouri River in view. For these reasons, biking has become a very popular form of recreation in Kansas City, where excellent biking trails abound. Below are listed several popular biking trails in the Kansas City area, with difficulty ratings included for each, based on the elevation differences throughout the trail.

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The Benefits of Cardio Exercise

What Is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that makes you breathe harder and gets your heart beating faster than at rest. It makes you sweat and causes your blood to circulate oxygen to your muscles. Aerobic exercise is not just beneficial for the body. It is crucial for the proper functioning of your body and its health. It is, and we hope this goes without saying, a far greater alternative to something extreme such as liposuction Springfield MO. Walking briskly, jogging, cycling, and aerobic dancing are all examples of aerobic exercise. You need to maintain your activity for 30 minutes about five days a week.

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